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Gymnastics Victoria are proud to be a part of VicHealth’s Growing Participation in Sport (GPiS) program, delivering proven participation opportunities to engage young people between 10-17 years to become more active through sport.

We know that over nine out of ten young people (12-17 years) are not meeting the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines of 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

As part of the GPiS project, Gymnastics Victoria are pleased to be partnering with Casey Gymnastics YMCA to provide the Berwick Gymnastics program with resources for a new youth product called ‘Gym4Me’.

Gym4Me is a Gymnastics Program designed to focus on gymnasts setting out and achieving their personal goals through the support of their coach and teammates - and no experience is required!

It is a uniquely participant-led program, where classes are structured to provide participants with the independence and flexibility to determine and work towards individualised goals.

Participants are also afforded significant input to the class format and activities, allowing them to customise their experience in physical activity.

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact the Gymnastics Coordinator, Lauren Rogers, on (03) 9707 3371 or Gymnastics Victoria’s Inclusion Manager, April Wilson, on (03) 9005 4700.

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Trampolining classes involve learning a variety of skills and acrobatics. Kids learn using our Goliath trampoline, double mini trampoline as well as the floor space to develop strength and correct body alignment. Children from the ages of five years are welcome to try our trampolining program, which offers both beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our Trampolining Program compliments the skills learned and developed through our recreational gymnastics program.

Teen Gymnastics

Teen Gymnastics Classes are a 90 minute program available to anyone over the age of 12 wanting to do gymnastics. Beginners are welcome and highly encouraged to join. No matter what age you commence gymnastics, the benefits include increased balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and so much more. All Teen Classes work within a set YMCA Gymnastics curriculum as participants strive to successfully demonstrate skills and activities across 10 key gymnastics areas.

Adult Gymnastics

Adult Gym is a casual 90 minute class under the supervision of a fully qualified gymnastics coach. ADULTGym is a perfect introduction for those who are:

  • New to gymnastics
  • Wishing to work on strength and fitness in a new environment
  • Dancers looking to up skill
  • Those interested in Parkour
  • Ex gymnasts looking to regain some skills  

This class is not run here at Berwick Leisure Centre however you can join at Casey Stadium.

Access All Abilities

Casey Gymnastics is committed to creating a truly inclusive environment and offers a range of gymnastics classes for people with mental and physical disabilities.

The aim of the All Access classes are  to remove the barriers inclusive groups may face, and ensure nobody is denied access to the sport of gymnastics, regardless of their ability.

We have developed a gymnastics program that accommodates for many types of students from those with learning needs, congenital disorders, to visual impairments and those who have anxiety or require additional social assistance in a personalised setting.

Coaches will work with the participant and parent/care giver to determine goals and how to best service their individual needs. These tailor made sessions can be either one-on-one sessions or small group classes.

Our club is proudly partnered with Gymnastics Victoria and recognised as “Inclusive Leader Clubs”.

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