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City of Casey


PlayGym is a casual gymnastics session where children can advance their fine and gross motor skill development through exploration, discovery and play.

Our experienced staff set up creative, age-appropriate activities designed to engage your child’s interest and imagination. A staff member is available throughout the session to offer assistance and guidance where needed, however active supervision and participation from a parent or guardian is required. The parent or guardian must only attend with the child participating as they are actively involved in the class.

Friday Mornings

1 year to 5 years

9.30am to 11.00am


PreGym is a 45 minute, parent assisted - structured program which also incorporates some exploratory play. Themes accompany the program to make the learning experience even more enjoyable. Equipment specific to preschool gymnastics and modified Olympic apparatus are used in each session. Children learn through repetition therefore, a similar layout and class format is used for two weeks to consolidate skills. Each fortnight, different apparatus and circuits are set up to ensure that children are stimulated by a variety of sources on a regular basis. The program is carefully designed by all instructors to ensure that motor, cognitive, social and emotional learning occurs in an enjoyable way. All classes aim to develop basic co-ordination, balance, spatial and body awareness in an environment that promotes socialization.

PreGym Timetable

9:30amPreGym 1-2
10:15amPreGym 1-2
10:30amPreGym 3-4
11:15amPreGymPreGym 3-4

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