City of Casey

Welcome to Casey Gymnastics!

Casey Gymnastics has worked hard to develop a range of COVD-Safe practices to provide the safest possible environment. Safety is our priority and our practices meet all Government and Gymnastics Victoria requirements, with each session including a time allocation to ensure a Covid-Safe environment for participants.

The pandemic has resulted in us rebuilding our timetable and recommence with a reduced schedule across our sites. As restrictions ease and enrolments increase, we will have greater flexibility to open up more classes. Timelines for additional classes hasn’t been set and will occur gradually as we continuously review our ongoing program.


  • A modified timetable has been developed, which you can find below.
  • This schedule has reduced classes, where possible we have placed classes on similar days and times.
  • We will assess all classes over the initial weeks and will make adjustments where required. This may include reducing, moving or adding classes.

Berwick Leisure Centre




4pm – PreGym

4pm – GymBasics

4pm – GymFun

5pm – Gym Basics

5pm – GymFun

6pm – GymSkills

6pm – Combined: GymSkills Advanced, Teen, Gym4Me, Rising Stars

4pm – PreGym

4pm – GymStar 3

4pm – Trampoline

5pm – KinderFun

5pm – GymStar Challenge

5pm – Trampoline

6pm – GymStar 5

9am – Combined: Development, Junior Development

9am – GymStar Challenge

10am – GymStar Challenge

10am – GymStar Challenge

11am – Trampoline

11am – GymStar 4

Membership Reactivation

  • Current members direct debits will remain on hold UNTIL you enrol in a class or are otherwise notified.
  • Reactivation of memberships is done by completing an online booking (information below)
  • Any members who are not ready to return at this stage will remain on suspension with no debit occurring.

New Members

We are pleased to be taking enrolments for new members and can be completed online. View the available classes and enrol online via our portal, further information can be found below.


The below table provides information on our levels to assist with identifying the appropriate level for your child.




1-5 years


4-5 years


6-7 years


8-9 years


10-11 years

GymSkills Intermediate

Skill progression class, assessment needed

GymSkills Advanced

Skill progression class, assessment needed


12 years +


Skill progression class, assessment needed

GymStar levels

Competitive stream, assessment needed

GymStar Challenge levels

Competitive stream, assessment needed

ALP levels

Competitive stream, assessment needed

Membership Fees

Debit fees will remain consistent with the rate prior to the closure. Where competitive hours are reduced, the rate will be reduced by the percentage of hours this is decreased by and will scale up as hours increase.

General Information

  • We will be following Gymnastics Victoria’s “Get In, Train, Get Out” guidelines.
  • All families are to read the Casey Gymnastics Information Handbook, which provides in depth information on returning to gymnastics, please click here to access this.
  • Gymnasts must come prepared to train, this includes being fully dressed and attending with a drink bottle.
  • Gymnasts will be asked to sanitise upon entering the gymnastics space and regularly throughout the class as they move through different apparatus.
  • Hygiene stations have been setup around the facility, stations can be found in the gymnastics hall and at the entrance and exit to the centre
  • We also ask all participants to go to the toilet prior to arrival to avoid any unnecessary disruption once the class starts.
  • Gymnasts must wash their hands after using the toilet and if they touch their face or mouth at any time.
  • We ask that all parents adhere to the timeframes around dropping off and collecting your child to avoid any unnecessary disruptions to programming.

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

  • Temperature checking will take place each time you enter the facility, anyone with a temperature 38 degrees or above is not allowed to enter the centre.
  • Due to the current restrictions, we will not be allowing parents/guardians of school aged children to spectate gymnastics at this time. You will need to drop your child off, leave and return to collect them when their class is finished.
  • Two emergency contacts must be listed on our system, including the parent/guardian dropping the child off who must have their phone with them during the class.
  • Specific drop off and pick up times will be published with each class. These times must be followed to help with traffic flow and ensure numbers within the facility remain low.
  • Collection of children in recreation classes is to occur 15 minutes prior to the session finish time so we can ensure transition and cleanliness as we provide a Covid-Safe environment.
  • Capacity limits and physical distancing applies at all times. Those in Kinder Fun classes can stay where we can adhere to government requirements.
  • Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the new procedures for dropping off and picking up your child from Gymnastics in the Casey Gymnastics Information Handbook. Please click here to access this.
  • Late arrivals may result in entry not being permitted.

Contact Tracing

To ensure we are complying with the government’s contact tracing legislation, we’re implementing a new process whereby all responsible parents/guardians of gymnastics members will be required to present their pre-registered QR code every time their child attends a session.

  • It is important that if a child attends the facility for lessons with multiple parents/guardians, or if this changes from week to week, that all responsible parents/guardians register for their own individual QR code. Those who have multiple children can list all family members on the same QR code.
  • How to register and receive your QR code:
    1. Fill out the visitor registration form, these are site specific so use the relevant link below;
    2. Include any additional visitors, such as minors who are attending the centre with you. All visitors/gymnasts (including minors) who attend the centre alone (in line with centre conditions of entry) will need to fill out a separate visitor registration form.
    3. Ensure all your details are correct – particularly your email address.
    4. Check the confirmation box at the end of the form and select the ‘next’ button.
    5. Please present your QR code each time you visit the centre.

Government requirements specify we must record your name, contact number and time of attendance. This information is stored securely and will only be provided to the DHHS if required.

We understand this is a change to your regular experience at our centre, and we appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community safe. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us at

When logging in use the Browse and Book Classes button below. Use the password 'YMCACasey'. This is case sensitive. If it is your first time logging in, you may be asked to change your password and a confirmation will be sent to your email address. Please do not use the Register button.


  1. It is recommended this is done on a PC, not a mobile device.
  2. Select the centre at which you want to enrol.
  3. Existing members (new members go to next step):
    1. Click on Login button.
    2. Enter the email address you registered with when you first joined gymnastics.
    3. Enter the password: YMCACasey. This is case sensitive.
    4. You will be asked to go to your email and set up a password unique to you.
    5. When done come back and click on the Login and Book Classes button.
    6. Enter your email address as well as your new password and then 'Login'.
    7. Click on the Classes menu option and then the Browse Classes menu option.
  1. All class levels will be listed, however by clicking on the Show All Classes button you can filter by level and day.
  2. Select the class you wish to book into.
  3. Select the student you want to participate in the class by ticking the tickbox (step applicable to existing members only).
  4. If they are not there, select New Student and follow the prompts.
  5. Click on the Add to Cart button and the Proceed to Checkout.
  6. You will see the payment details for the class that will be paid immediately as well as general terms and conditions and direct debit terms and conditions. You must agree to these terms and conditions before proceeding.
  7. Click Confirm and Pay.
  8. Enter your credit card payment details and submit.
  9. You will be asked to confirm ongoing payment details. Once this is done, your registration is complete. You will also receive a confirmation email.

If you have missed out on the class you would like for your child, you can join our waitlist.

We are sorry you were unable to book into a class in the first phase of reopening. We are currently working off a reduced class timetable as we reintroduce the program following the Victorian Government Covid-19 guidelines. Please complete the below and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch to inform you of the next step to returning to Casey Gymnastics.