Important Update Affecting All Members

All gymnastics classes will finish from June 10th 2023. The Berwick Leisure Centre will be changing management from the 1st of July 2023. For more information click here.

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Air Brush Venturi

Would you like to do more than just “learn to airbrush”? Would you like to learn an airbrush rendering system that will enable you to create amazing artworks.

Night Courses are for people who lead a busy life but want to fit in learning to airbrush. Also for those who prefer learning at a less intense pace. Night courses give you the freedom to structure your learning with maximum flexibility. You enrol and pay for each term separately and you are free to come and go term by term.

8 weeks duration, 1 night per week (20 hours duration)
Hours – 7.00pm (6.45 arrival) to 9.30pm

Session times:

Wednesday nights


The courses we conduct are very intensive, and it is important that the preparation and organisation for them be very thorough. If every student brought their own equipment it would be a nightmare to co-ordinate and seriously reduce the quality of our courses. For Airbrush Venturi to offer the best courses possible, we must provide carefully chosen equipment and materials for you.

* Note: Students may bring their own airbrushes into the classroom but Airbrush Venturi does not accept responsibility for the security and performance of outside equipment.

While the whole point of doing classes is so that you can airbrush at home, and will therefore need to have your own set-up there . . . it is unreasonable to expect that you set yourself up at home, until you know whether you enjoy it and feel that you would like to go on and take the art form seriously.

By Airbrush Venturi providing everything in class, you get to try out airbrushing and then if you enjoy it, you can then take the next step of setting yourself up at home and start doing your own projects. Airbrush Venturi does not sell airbrush equipment and materials. While it is afffiliated with Airbrush Supply Network PL, the Airbrush Venturi team only teach airbrushing.

We supply the highest quality equipment and materials you can get in the world. We supply the worlds best airbrushes, airlines, couplings, inks, papers, masking materials; everything. This includes height adjustable easels that enable you to raise and lower you work, to set up every stroke in the best way possible.

Your fees include comprehensive course notes that build into a 600+ page manual over the 6 units of the course, the most comprehensive book on airbrush techniques you could ever wish for. Everything is laid on, to ensure you have the best possible training experience and achieve the best results possible.

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